Membership of the Association is open to all persons interested in the aims of the Association and willing to co-operate to realise those aims. The Association seeks to engage the interest and contribution of teachers, students, and researchers at every level. It has no political affiliations and actively supports racial and religious toleration and equal opportunity amongst its members.

RSAA membership is per calendar year, and benefits include:

  • the bimonthly newsletter, RSAA Digest, which includes recent news of events, members' publications, career opportunities, and calls for papers;
  • eligibility to attend RSAA's biennial meetings, postgraduate and early career symposia, and international supernumerary conferences jointly supported by other associations (such as BARS and NASSR);
  • eligibility to apply for postgraduate and conference travel bursaries;
  • your name and teaching/research interests listed on our website, to help promote your work and foster connections amongst Romanticists in Australasia and worldwide.

There are three categories of membership:

  1. regular members (including students, pensioners, and the unemployed, who enjoy concessional subscription rates);
  2. temporary members (visiting scholars or public figures elected at the discretion of three members of the executive committee);
  3. honorary members (elected at the Annual General Meeting with full privileges of membership).


Membership fees are as follows:

Full membership: $50 AUD

Postgraduate/Unwaged membership: $30 AUD


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